San Francisco City Hall Wedding |Jack + Yucca | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

January 27, 2016 Weddings

I must have admitted that it’s quite challenging for both sides to finish this photo coverage.  I got a heavy cold on the day before,  lost my voice a little bit. The good thing is I forgot all about this once I was in the shooting mode.  On their side, Yucca told me  Jack was stressed out, did not sleep very well the night before shooting date, and he did not ate anything for breakfast. After the long waiting to get their turn for ceremony, they did not have much energy  left. So even when I could shoot for more pics, they were rushing to finish .  I understood it’s  quite tough for them. Big thanks to them for trying hard to work with me to finish this photo session.   They are planning to have big celebration in this coming summer, I believe they will do much better next time. Looking forward to working with them again.