San Francisco Portrait Photography | Ruby Hill golf club, Pleasanton

March 5, 2018 portraits 0 Comments

This beautiful lady Elaine is a professional image consultant.  She is very passionate to help women on wardrobe design and shopping….

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Davis Sunflower Field Portrait | San Francisco Portrait Photographer

August 8, 2017 portraits 0 Comments

In the past few years, I’ve seen someone posted the pics with beautiful sunflowers blossoming  in the field. This year finally…

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Wood Side Portrait Photography | Jennifer

April 11, 2017 portraits 0 Comments

Time flies, two years passed after I did the  first birthday portrait photography for this beautiful lady Jennifer.  As  she loves…

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San Francisco Wedding Photographer | Sanya

January 24, 2017 portraits 0 Comments

Recently I had a trip back to China, visited Sanya which was known as  “Hawaii of the East”. The weather was…

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San Francisco Family Portrait for Xinran’s Family

October 12, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Past week is the national day’s holiday week for People’s republic of China.  During this holiday, Xinran’s parents travelled to bay…

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Santana Row Portrait | Connie

August 21, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Connie is the kind of girl who loves beauty and fashion, she’s been thinking to do some  part time modeling work,…

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Pleasanton Kids Portrait | George | Pleasanton Kids Portrait Photographer

August 10, 2016 Kids 0 Comments

Last year I did the new born portrait session for this lovely boy George.  Time flies, now he is one year…

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YaoNa Dance Studio Portrait

May 26, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Couple of days ago, finished another portrait session for  the dancers from YaoNa Dance.  This time we photographed three dances, one…

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Portrait | Yao Na Dance Studio| Pleasanton, CA | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

April 27, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Just Finished another portrait session for Yao Na Dance studio.  Thanks to everyone’s effort. love  you all!  Here are a few…

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Studio Portrait | Cindy | San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

April 24, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Retouched several pics I shot last Friday, It’s lots of fun to work with those beautiful and lovely ladies. More pics…

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Portrait | Cherry+ Wynn | San Jose, CA | San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

April 14, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

It’s always fun and touching to photograph the babies, especially for this cute and handsome baby boy Wynn.  

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Portrait | Youyou + Betty| Fioli Garden, Woodside, CA| San Jose Portrait Photographer

April 6, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Time flies, two years ago, I photographed baby Youyou for his 100 days’  celebration party. Two years passed, now he’s  starting…

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Portrait | Ya Na Dance Studio- Session 1 | Pleasanton, CA | San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

March 16, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Yao Na Dance Studio was founded on June 1st, 2012 by Yao Na and Ken Guo, who are well-known instructors in…

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Portrait | Lizzy |San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

February 16, 2016 portraits 0 Comments

Congratulations,  Haixia just had her 21st birthday!  She decided to have this photo session to celebrate this important birthday. It’s my…

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Event |Birthday and Christmas Party | Palo Alto, CA | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

December 18, 2015 Events 0 Comments

Last Friday I was invited to join a birthday and Christmas party organized by girl friends. The place is a very…

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Family Portrait | Vinshnu | Shoreline Park, Mountain view | San Jose Portrait Photographer

December 9, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

For this photo session it’s quite challenging for me, why?  I was a little bit worried and upset when the clients…

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Portrait |Angela | San Jose New Born Photographer

November 13, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

Baby girl Angela just announced her 100th day to this world, she was quite accommodating  when I photographed her. It’s so…

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Portrait | Evan & Eddie | San Jose Portrait Photographer

November 11, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

Evan & Eddie are my friend Xin’s lovely  twin boys, they just turned to 7 years old this year.  The older…

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Portrait | Xandra | San Jose Portrait Photographer

November 2, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Xandra is  very sweet and young girl, she is fast to get my instructions on posing in front of camera, really…

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Portrait | Leo | San Jose | San Jose Portrait Photographer

October 30, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

Cancan’s son Leo is about 15 months old, he is very active and quite friendly to the professional camera. Originally we…

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Stanford University Engagement | Nabanita &Siddharth

October 16, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

It’s my very pleasure to do the engagement session for this young nice couple   Nabanita  & Siddharth.   Both of…

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New Born Portrait | George | Pleasanton

September 18, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

A few days ago I did  a portrait for 3 months’  baby George. I have to say it’s quite challenging to…

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Mountrain View Concert | Lucky

May 22, 2015 Events 0 Comments

Couple of days ago I was invited to Lucky’s 22nd birthday party. He hosted a live concert to celebrate this special…

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San Jose Kids Birthday Party | Anneka

May 18, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

this year I did not get a chance to shoot for Anneka’s 6 years’ birthday party ’cause I was booked for…

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San Jose New Born Portrait for Alexandra

May 14, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

I shot this portrait session for Anna’s three months’ baby girl Alexandra in my studio, she’s so cute,lovely, and full of…

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Anderson Lake Portrait | Jennifer | Morgan Hill

May 9, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Couple of weeks ago, I had a portrait session for this beautiful lady Jennifer . We took a short hiking to…

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Portrait | Sue | Livermore

May 1, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

It’s my second time to take portrait in this beautiful wildflower field. This time the lighting was more flattering as you…

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San Jose Overfelt Gardens Park Family Portrait |Valerie |

April 21, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

This is my first time to shoot in overfelt gardens park, very beautiful park, how come I’ve never been to this…

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Livermore Wildflower Field Portrait | Running

April 3, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Last Sunday I did this portrait session for Ms  Running,  in this beautiful flower field at Livermore.  We got up quite…

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Moutain View Indoor Portrait | Christina

January 10, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

I shot this mini portrait session for Christina at her ballet dance studio.  Can you believe she got PhD at computer…

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