San Jose New Born Photography

November 30, 2017 Kids

Big congrats to my friend Cherry, she just had one baby girl at couple of months ago, now she has both boy and girl in her family, which is the desired situation for many married couples. We planned this photo shoot right after her baby girl was born. Cherry would like to wait to see the baby girl grow a little bit, so we waited until she’s almost one month old. the date we chose is quite meaning for, it’s her son’s birthday. In our chinese  culture, called ” double joy/bless”, it’s indeed a day for us to celebrate. To prepare for this photo shoot, cherry ordered pretty baby wears from online, I bought some goodies as background, it’s a joint project by us. Although I’ve been too busy to post process the pictures, all pics look great even in the camera. Cherry is good at photoshop, so I can delay my time to post process these pictures.