Yosemite National Park Engagement |Tatiana +Daniel

September 30, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

During the first consultation I met Tatiana and Daniel, they told me they would like to revisit yosemite for the engagement…

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Portrait for young entrepreneurs from palmdrive | Mountain View

September 25, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Couple of weeks ago I had the chance to do a portrait for a group of young friends from palmdrive.  Most…

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New Born Portrait | George | Pleasanton

September 18, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

A few days ago I did  a portrait for 3 months’  baby George. I have to say it’s quite challenging to…

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Fremont Baby Shower Party | Neid

September 11, 2015 Events 0 Comments

It’s been a while to shoot Neid’s one year’ birthday party.  Really enjoyed my time to watch them playing and shoot…

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San Francisco Engagement | Dhavel & Rashini

August 18, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

Last weekend I had the engagement session for Dhavel and Rashini, both of them work on IT industry,  they met each…

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Milpitas New Born Portrait | Emmy

August 9, 2015 Kids, portraits 0 Comments

Here’s  the portrait session for Lisa’s lovely baby  Emmy. It was her 100 days’ of arrival on this planet.  She’s really…

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Event | Joanne’s interview by SV women | Mountain View

July 31, 2015 Events 0 Comments

I was very honored to photograph Joann’s interview session by SV Women. For those of you who do not know Joanne….

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San Jose Japanese Friendship Garden Engagement | Elaine + Ken

July 29, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

Both Elaine and Ken are American Born Chinese,  they came up the idea to wear  traditional Chinese outfits for their engagement…

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Pacific Wedding | Mike + Elizabeth | San Jose Wedding Photographer

July 24, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

I’ve lived in Bay area for over ten years, but did not know there’s a beautiful town called Pacific until Mike…

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding | Melissa + Sal

July 17, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

It was my very pleasure to shoot wedding pictures for this gorgeous couple Melissa and Sal.   They met each other…

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Won silver award at 2015 WPPI fist half competition

July 13, 2015 Awards 0 Comments

The past March I went to 2015 WPPI(Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) conference. learned a lot from sitting in the live…

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Hawaii Wedding Photographer |Hawaii Pre-Wedding

June 22, 2015 Pre-wedding 0 Comments

Wei & Pan are the last couple we had for the Hawaii trip. Before I met them,  I was told both…

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding | Terri + Marvin | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

June 19, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

Another wedding taken at City Hall, couple of days ago, Terri texted me they received the DVD  and they really like…

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Hawaii Wedding Photographer| Yu

Couple of weeks ago I had a trip to Hawaii to help my fellow wedding photographer Xiaoyi with his destination bridal…

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding | Tera + Antony | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

June 2, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

Last Friday I was still in Hawaii to help my fellow photographer Xiaoyi with the bridal portrait, right after the shooting,…

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Mountrain View Concert | Lucky

May 22, 2015 Events 0 Comments

Couple of days ago I was invited to Lucky’s 22nd birthday party. He hosted a live concert to celebrate this special…

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San Jose Kids Birthday Party | Anneka

May 18, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

this year I did not get a chance to shoot for Anneka’s 6 years’ birthday party ’cause I was booked for…

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San Jose New Born Portrait for Alexandra

May 14, 2015 Kids 0 Comments

I shot this portrait session for Anna’s three months’ baby girl Alexandra in my studio, she’s so cute,lovely, and full of…

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Anderson Lake Portrait | Jennifer | Morgan Hill

May 9, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Couple of weeks ago, I had a portrait session for this beautiful lady Jennifer . We took a short hiking to…

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Portrait | Sue | Livermore

May 1, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

It’s my second time to take portrait in this beautiful wildflower field. This time the lighting was more flattering as you…

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San Jose Downtown Anniversary Portrait|Priyanka +Vichu

April 24, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Priyanka is kind of girl who loves beauty and taking pictures.  She got married with her dear husband Vichu two years…

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San Jose Overfelt Gardens Park Family Portrait |Valerie |

April 21, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

This is my first time to shoot in overfelt gardens park, very beautiful park, how come I’ve never been to this…

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Stanford University Engagement |Rasika + Rahul

April 17, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

Last Sunday morning I took an engagement photo session with this young couple Rasika &Rahul at beautiful campus of Stanford University….

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Livermore Bridal Portrait | Min

Min  loves to pose in front of camera, she definitely has very good potential to be a professional model. Had a…

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San Francisco Engagement |Hetal & Chirag

April 9, 2015 Engagements 0 Comments

Last Saturday morning I did the engagement session for this lovely couple Hetal & Chirag.  Both of them are typical soft…

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Livermore Wildflower Field Portrait | Running

April 3, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Last Sunday I did this portrait session for Ms  Running,  in this beautiful flower field at Livermore.  We got up quite…

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Annual performance for Yao Na Dance Studio

April 1, 2015 Events 0 Comments

Yao Na dance Studio was founded only two years ago, this was the their second time to have dance show. I…

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Studio Portrait | Huarui Dance

March 24, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

I was once a member at Huirui Dance,  enjoyed the days when I danced with Hua Rui girls.  Last year I…

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Livermore wildflower field Portrait | Min

March 16, 2015 portraits 0 Comments

Last Friday afternoon several friends and I had a short photo session trip to the hills in Livermore.  During the trip,…

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2015 Chinese New Year Gala by Northern California Sichuan Folks Association

March 11, 2015 Events 0 Comments

It was my great pleasure to cover the photo shooting for this event organized by my fellow Sichuan folks. Delicious Sichuan…

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