Roger Tan Workshop at San Francisco | Day One | Elliston Winery

June 13, 2017 Pre-wedding 0 Comments

Being an artist is a life long learning process.  Keep shooting and keep learning is one of the best tips I’ve learned from 2015 WPPI seminar .  Last September, I joined two days’ workshop from Master pre-wedding  photographer Roger Tan. This year they’ve decided to have another workshop at San Francisco. Last time we did one’s day’s shooting, and one day’s post process.  This time the instructor decided to combine shooting and post process on the say day.

The first day’s training started at one beautiful room from the location sponsor Elliston Winery, which is a very popular wedding venue in bay area.   The instructor showed us how to pose the couple, how to observe the light falling on the different parts of body,  face, shoulder, arms, hands, legs, feet…… To be honest, I’ve taken a few classes on posing and lighting from other well known masters, but it’s the first time the posing and lighting were explained simultaneously in such great details.  Now I really believe that line”  everyone is my teacher, we can always learn something from others”.   During the morning shooting session, the instructor focused on using three strobes to  get three dimensional lighting effects, and I also took some pics by simply using the natural light available.  It’s such a great leaning experience. I believe everyone learned a great deal from the first day’s training.