Owatonna Destination Wedding | Kaia + Siheng

August 24, 2016 Weddings

This is my first destination wedding which is out of bay area, a very special one.  The couple Kaia and Siheng currently live in China, they came back to  Owatonna to have their u.s. wedding.  Kaia grown up here at Owatonna, her father Scott is a priest,.In the  past, he hosted many weddings for other couples, now it’s his turn to host his own daughter’s wedding.  They planned and prepared all details for this wedding.  Before Kaia and Siheng came to u.s. , Kaia came up the idea to have paper cranes as the decoration theme of their wedding. In Chinese culture,  there is some special meaning for thousands of paper cranes, which means “Endless love between lovers”.  There is one popular song called ” thousands of paper cranes”.    Folding thousands of paper cranes is not a easy task, when I arrived at Owatonna , they were still folding those paper cranes. I had the chance to learn how to fold the paper crane , quite interesting.

 They had the wedding ceremony at a very old small church, around 80 guests came to join this celebration, the weather was perfect, the whole wedding went very smoothly , thanks to the hard work of their family members.    After the wedding, Kaia and siheng would spend a few more weeks with their parents at u.s. wish they have wonderful stay and a safe trip back to China!