Napa Pre-Wedding | Lily + Arthur

June 22, 2016 Pre-wedding

Lily and Arthur met each other 6 years ago when they were traveling at Lijiang, a famous city in Yunnan.    Lily was  having tea with her two girlfriends, and Arthur was there too with his brother.  these two groups greeted each other very naturally. For the following days in Lijing, they mingled as one group.  At the end of the trip, Arthur proposed to Lily!  It’s unbelievable , right! but it’s true. At that time, Lily was still at her senior year of college, and Arthur was  in college of u.s.    After the trip, they wrote to each other, and with Arthur’s help, lily got the visa to study in u.s. too.   After being in relationship for  5 years, they decided to get married. They are planning to have their big wedding back in Lily’s hometown, Chengdu this  summer.  Congratulations to them.  I believe it’s their destiny to be together.