2015 Gala Performance by Ah-Lan Dance

February 4, 2015 Events 0 Comments

I was so impressed by all the dancers from Ah-Lan Dance studio.  It’s my first time to see the dance drama performed by amateur dancers, also my first time to see the story of Mulan told in the form of dance. For those of you who don’t know this story, it goes like this.  During the 4th century A.D, when China experienced one of many attacks from nomadic tribes to its north, the Emperor decreed that all adult males from a household should be conscripted to the army to fight the marauders.  Mulan , seeing that her father was too old to serve the army, took his place in the ranks by dressing as a man. She remained in the army for ten years and gained great distinction in the fight against the northern tribes. and even secretly found love . Finally Mulan was summoned by the Emperor to receive an official position as a reward for her great contribution. She declined and requested only to return to her home. Upon returning home, all were amazed as the valiant and honored warrior removed her armor and revealed herself again to be a mild mannered and dutiful young lady.  Excellent choreography ! The story told by those dancers touched my heart although I was busy with photo shooting!