San Francisco Portrait Photography | Ruby Hill golf club, Pleasanton

March 5, 2018 portraits

This beautiful lady Elaine is a professional image consultant.  She is very passionate to help women on wardrobe design and shopping….

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San Francisco Stylized Portrait Photography

February 15, 2018 portraits

This is a stylized portrait session for Christina. This lady is originally from Hongkong, got her PhD of CS from u.s. …

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Davis Sunflower Field Portrait | San Francisco Portrait Photographer

August 8, 2017 portraits

In the past few years, I’ve seen someone posted the pics with beautiful sunflowers blossoming  in the field. This year finally…

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Berkeley Family Portrait | San Francisco Family Portrait Photography

July 30, 2017 portraits

It’s my great pleasure to take this family portrait photo session for Leilei’s family. It was her daughter’s 1 year birthday….

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San Francisco Dance Portrait |Allie

April 30, 2017 portraits

Short  dance portrait  session for my dancing teacher Allie.

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Wood Side Portrait Photography | Jennifer

April 11, 2017 portraits

Time flies, two years passed after I did the  first birthday portrait photography for this beautiful lady Jennifer.  As  she loves…

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San Francisco Wedding Photographer | Sanya

January 24, 2017 portraits

Recently I had a trip back to China, visited Sanya which was known as  “Hawaii of the East”. The weather was…

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San Francisco Family Portrait for Xinran’s Family

October 12, 2016 portraits

Past week is the national day’s holiday week for People’s republic of China.  During this holiday, Xinran’s parents travelled to bay…

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Studio Portrait | Jiewen | San Jose Portrait Photographer

September 27, 2016 portraits

Enjoyed this studio portrait session for this sweet girl Jiewen, she’s at her senior year of college, so young and energetic!…

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Santana Row Portrait | Connie

August 21, 2016 portraits

Connie is the kind of girl who loves beauty and fashion, she’s been thinking to do some  part time modeling work,…

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YaoNa Dance Studio Portrait

May 26, 2016 portraits

Couple of days ago, finished another portrait session for  the dancers from YaoNa Dance.  This time we photographed three dances, one…

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Portrait | Yao Na Dance Studio| Pleasanton, CA | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

April 27, 2016 portraits

Just Finished another portrait session for Yao Na Dance studio.  Thanks to everyone’s effort. love  you all!  Here are a few…

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Studio Portrait | Cindy | San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

April 24, 2016 portraits

Retouched several pics I shot last Friday, It’s lots of fun to work with those beautiful and lovely ladies. More pics…

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Studio Portrait | HuaRui Dance

April 21, 2016 portraits

Huarui Dance is going to have annual recital next month.  Here are a few pics from two dances. One is Tibetan…

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Portrait | Cherry+ Wynn | San Jose, CA | San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

April 14, 2016 portraits

It’s always fun and touching to photograph the babies, especially for this cute and handsome baby boy Wynn.  

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Portrait | Youyou + Betty| Fioli Garden, Woodside, CA| San Jose Portrait Photographer

April 6, 2016 portraits

Time flies, two years ago, I photographed baby Youyou for his 100 days’  celebration party. Two years passed, now he’s  starting…

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Portrait | Ya Na Dance Studio- Session 1 | Pleasanton, CA | San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

March 16, 2016 portraits

Yao Na Dance Studio was founded on June 1st, 2012 by Yao Na and Ken Guo, who are well-known instructors in…

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Portrait | Lizzy |San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

February 16, 2016 portraits

Congratulations,  Haixia just had her 21st birthday!  She decided to have this photo session to celebrate this important birthday. It’s my…

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Family Portrait | Cynthia| Stanford University, Palo Alto | San Jose Wedding and Portrait Photographer

February 12, 2016 portraits

I really enjoyed the photo session which I had with Cynthia’s family at beautiful campus of Stanford University. It’s a four…

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Portrait | Jing | Livermore, CA | San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

February 8, 2016 portraits

One great thing about being a photographer is that it’s a journey of constant learning and improving in the art world….

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Family Portrait | Vinshnu | Shoreline Park, Mountain view | San Jose Portrait Photographer

December 9, 2015 portraits

For this photo session it’s quite challenging for me, why?  I was a little bit worried and upset when the clients…

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Portrait | Xandra | San Jose Portrait Photographer

November 2, 2015 portraits

Xandra is  very sweet and young girl, she is fast to get my instructions on posing in front of camera, really…

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Portrait for young entrepreneurs from palmdrive | Mountain View

September 25, 2015 portraits

Couple of weeks ago I had the chance to do a portrait for a group of young friends from palmdrive.  Most…

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Milpitas New Born Portrait | Emmy

August 9, 2015 Kids, portraits

Here’s  the portrait session for Lisa’s lovely baby  Emmy. It was her 100 days’ of arrival on this planet.  She’s really…

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Anderson Lake Portrait | Jennifer | Morgan Hill

May 9, 2015 portraits

Couple of weeks ago, I had a portrait session for this beautiful lady Jennifer . We took a short hiking to…

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Portrait | Sue | Livermore

May 1, 2015 portraits

It’s my second time to take portrait in this beautiful wildflower field. This time the lighting was more flattering as you…

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San Jose Downtown Anniversary Portrait|Priyanka +Vichu

April 24, 2015 portraits

Priyanka is kind of girl who loves beauty and taking pictures.  She got married with her dear husband Vichu two years…

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San Jose Overfelt Gardens Park Family Portrait |Valerie |

April 21, 2015 portraits

This is my first time to shoot in overfelt gardens park, very beautiful park, how come I’ve never been to this…

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Livermore Wildflower Field Portrait | Running

April 3, 2015 portraits

Last Sunday I did this portrait session for Ms  Running,  in this beautiful flower field at Livermore.  We got up quite…

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Studio Portrait | Huarui Dance

March 24, 2015 portraits

I was once a member at Huirui Dance,  enjoyed the days when I danced with Hua Rui girls.  Last year I…

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