Camping at Angel Island

December 29, 2014 personal 0 Comments

Last Sat I joined a  two days’ camping event organized by a friend. Initially I was quite struggling whether to go.  I’ve never been to Angel Island although I’ve lived in bay area for quite a while. I was curious to see what’s there in Island.  But on the other hand I’ve never camped in winter,  I was not sure whether I could bear the coldness in the tent, to make things more challenging , the car can not get to the camp site , we have to carry all gears to the campsite.  On Friday night my thoughts was like pendulum dancing between going and not going. Eventually I decided to go after my friend resolved all of my concerns.   When we got there, we found out it’s actually  not cold at all in the night, especially with the warmer pads we prepared beforehand. I had a good sleep in the tent. The view on the camp site is gorgeous,  I think we’ve got the camp site with best view, how luck we were!    This trip made my  three first ( the first time to camp in winter,  the first time to go  backpacking, the first time to try backpacking food), plus I met two new friends .   I’m so glad that I finally made this trip.

1. the beautiful sunset,  this view was gone in about 4 minutes

2. Everybody was busy with photo shooting except Laurence  We saw a family of deers near our campsite, this one is looking at me quite curiously