Christie Chen Photography is is located in San Francisco Bay area.  We offer a wide range of services, including San Francisco Wedding photography,   San Francisco Wedding Venue rental, San Francisco bridal make up, San Francisco bridal dress rental.

At Christie Chen Photography, we hold dear to out hearts these values:
We uncover the beautiful extraordinariness in ordinary daily life with keen eyes of appreciation.
We believe arts comes from you and lives in you.
We tell your story. We capture a moment in life that authentically reflects who you are.
We want our photos to warm your heart as they do ours.
We love to create. No photo is produced without an artistic view that expresses aesthetics, creativity and individually.
We are obsessed with perfection. Each photo is created with the utmost care. We strive to be better that what we think we can be.
About the Founder Christie
Christie is an international award winning wedding photographer. She fell in love with photography while studying at college. With years of extensive training in photography, graphic design, imaging design, fashion design, bridal make up/hair styling, fine arts and performing arts,  she is not tired of constantly learning new techniques and uncovering new ideas. She was recently awarded as one of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco Bay area.