Hi Deal friends,

This is Christie,  a destination wedding photographer based in West Coast and San Francisco bay area. My specially is to capture life's precious moments in a beautiful , creative and timeless manner so you can cherish and share those memories life long. I combine the techniques of photojournalism and fine art to capture both the candid moments as well as to create the kind of artistic portraits.

There are three things I value most in my life : Love , Beauty, Freedom.I believe there are lots of love in your life.  I believe there's beauty in everyone .  I believe there's an artist deep within all of us.  Let me join your journey to capture the love, beauty and create art together.  

For you to know  a little bit more about me, I am from Electrical Engineering background, I worked as IC chip design engineer for a while  after I got MSEE from UW-Madison. A few years ago, I had an online character strength test for myself. My top three signature strengths are : 1 appreciation of beauty and excellence . 2 kindness and generosity.  3  capacity to love and to be loved. After seeing this result, I realized engineering type of job is really not for me. I learned photography, graphic design, fashion design, arts appreciation , survey of western arts , floral design during the years I worked as engineer. I enjoyed learning these things. On some accidental occasion I got a chance to help my friend as assistant for a whole day of wedding photo coverage. I enjoyed every moment of the day although my friend felt almost exhausted  after 9+ hours' work. From that experience I knew from the heart that wedding photography will be something I would like to do for the rest of my life.  When I am not behind the lens,  I enjoy dancing, practicing yoga and meditation.